4 Steps towards Friendly Diabetes

Have you ever thought to be friends with diabetes? Are you afraid that diabetes can deprive you from enjoying life the same way you used to enjoy it before? This is all history now, because   you do not have to worry about it anymore. Diabetes is actually very friendly to handle if you put into consideration four major steps.

1- Learn more about diabetes.

Many if not most diabetics believe that diabetes is only of one type, which is very wrong. In fact, there are three types of diabetes: type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. 
Diabetes A: it is a type of diabetes where your body stops producing insulin out of food, so you have to take external insulin whether in the shape of pills or injection if you want to live.
Diabetes B (The most common type worldwide): in this type of diabetes, your body stops producing and using insulin in an appropriate way. You will have to take pills or injection as well but only to control your diabetes level.

Gestational diabetes: this final type of diabetes commonly appears to pregnant women and it usually goes away after women give birth to their baby. However, this is a bad sign because even if this type of diabetes goes away, both the woman and her baby are more probably to get diabetes in the future.

2- Become more acquainted with your diabetes:

Talk to your doctor about how you are going to manage your blood pressure and cholesterol because if your diabetes goes way too high this would have your chances of having a heart attack or going into a coma increase. Nevertheless, you have to continuously keep track of your blood sugar levels and always make sure that these numbers would stay too low between 140 to 180, 200 maximum. If your blood sugar level goes beyond this level consult a doctor immediately because this can damage your heart, your kidneys your feet and even eyes. 

3- Live with diabetes as if you were friends

That is right, most people neglect the idea that diabetes is actually friendly all the time until they start breaking rules, eating very sugar-rich foods, and starting to fury it. We all know that the sad news you receive for the first time saying that you are now having diabetes would make anyone angry, sad and even in tears. However, do not be afraid at all. Diabetes is very friendly and all you have to do is just do a little bit of planning your food, time and activities. We guarantee that if you follow our guidelines, eat healthy, and exercise healthy, you will not even feel like a diabetic. 

4- Monitor your diabetes

This is perhaps the most import thing to do if you were a diabetic; you have to check your doctor at least once per month to monitor the developments of your diabetes case. It would not hurt you to check daily your blood pressure, your weight, your amount of food in relation with your diabetes level. You can also do some tests to make sure that you are at the comfort zone. What are these tests? They are very simple tests and not that expensive at all. For instance, you would have to do a cholesterol test, if it is too high then you will have to check your food plan it would be the reason for it. You would also have to do few eye, kidneys and food tests because sometimes when diabetes levels go too high as we mentioned previously these parts of body get damaged. 
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