How To Maintain Your Blood Sugar Levels Within the Normal Range

Our societies suffer from many health problems and diseases because of the changing patterns of human behaviour, changing patterns of nutrition, and the contribution of various environmental factors like pollution and noise.
All of this contributed in the occurrence of some of the diseases whether physical or psychological and among those diseases that spread in our communities is Diabetes.
The statistics show an increase in the proportion of the incidence of the disease in all age groups, and an increase of the treatment burden of this disease on the individual and the community, and also the burden on government with a large budget allocated to treat the patients.
what is diabetes? What is the treatment? And what is the way that keeps the blood sugar of the patient within the normal range?

Normal Ranges Of Blood Sugar :

Diabetes occurs either due to the result of deficiency and lack of insulin secretion (i.e. insufficient insulin hormone in the body because of the destruction pancreatic cells by the immune system ) , which is called type l diabetes , Or it may occur due to The inappropriate response of the  body cells to the hormone insulin, and thus the malfunction of the hormone insulin, which is primarily responsible for the conversion of sugar in the blood to energy,  so the amount of sugar in the blood increases , which may cause many complications like:
-          injury to the kidneys , nerves and blood vessels .
-         The patient may develop vision loss and other serious complications, so the diabetic patient should maintain a normal level of blood sugar to avoid these symptoms and complications.
And maintaining normal blood sugar  levels is acheived by:
- following a special diet, while maintaining a constant amount of meals and having them at certain fixed times.
- weight loss and regular exercise on a daily basis as it helps to improve blood sugar levels .
-  Avoid sugar and sweets and replace them with industrial sweeteners.
- Eat fruits and natural unsweetened fruit juice.

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