Sports benefits for diabetics | Sports and diabetes

Exercise is very important for diabetics. Whether you have diabetes or not, exercise plays an essential role in health and diabetes prevention. It gives you :

  • Reducing the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (due to short and medium term hypotension, cholesterol and triglyceride levels)
  • Reducing stress, feeling comfortable and increasing self-confidence
  • Increased energy level, improved physical fitness
  • Slowed down in the development of neuropathy.
You should know alsp that exercising regularly helps diabetes prevent long-term complications of diabetes. and really fitness or sport generally is very important for your health.

Sports and diabetes :
Exercise increases the effectiveness of insulin by improving the sensitivity of the body’s tissues to its function. This effect lasts for several hours after the activity. Additionally, exercise-driven muscles consume sugar / glucose. Which leads to low blood sugar / glucose.

In people with diabetes, exercise helps prevent complications of diabetes. In people with or without pre-diabetes, exercise can prevent diabetes.

Precautions to take before exercising :
The sport should be monitored and framed for people with diabetes and medically monitored, especially those with type 1 diabetes because the pancreas in this case does not produce or produce a small amount of insulin.

After the age of fifty, or after 20 years of diabetes, and in the absence of exercise for a very long time, a medical examination is necessary before resuming physical activity.

Before, during and after exercise, it is necessary to check blood sugar to prevent hypoglycemia. Take insulin pens with you in case the physical exertion persists for a long time, or if insulin injection is required.

Finally, like all athletes, diabetics must warm up, pause, moisturize, and extend the body.


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