Tips “on the go” for Diabetics

When it comes to eating, we are all different. Some one us ma
 only stick to one meal a day, whereas another would eat 2 or 3   times a day. Nevertheless, we also differ in the way we eat; some of us eat very fast, and some eat slowly. Now, if we add diabetes to the mix, we will be experiencing a really tough situation regarding what to eat, what not to eat, and how we should eat. How can diabetes be that difficult? When you are first diagnosed with diabetes, you can no longer eat the same meals you used to eat. Rather, your meals become more regular or boring we can say. This would make your frustrated because certainly we all do enjoy eating food and we all do hate living a boring life. Here we provided you with some lifestyles tips that would make you enjoy the meals you like and in the same time balance it with diabetes.

Tips ‘on the go’

Take down weekly notes of what you have to eat, when to eat it and how much you should actually eat. You have to also bare in mind the activities you have to exercise every week.

Always prepare a healthy breakfast even if you are running out of time. If you have a busy day, try to prepare it the night before it. You have to include a good source of protein in your breakfast without adding much sugar into it. Thereby, adding peanut butter would be just perfect for your case. Add a slice or two of bread and always add a piece or two of both vegetables and fruits. You can also combine berries or cherries with low-fat milk, it would just taste delicious. If you would grape breakfast from outside try not to go for anything that has high sugar in it like pastries and muffins for instance.

Buy a snack box and have it with you whenever you go outside or even to work. Pack it with vegetables, and diabetes-friendly fruits. Always make sure not to have anything that is high in sugar or fats. You can also go for boiled eggs, beans, popcorn or anything that has no salt or sugar, they are just perfect for you.

We did not forget drinks; always go for low-fat milk without adding any sugar or cream. Bare in your mind that most coffee shops or cafés offer drinks that are high in calories and unfriendly to diabetes, so always be cautious. 
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