Learn about low-sugar foods

Learn about low-sugar foods :

1. Olive oil: activates the hormone insulin, because it contains monounsaturated fatty acids, reduces blood sugar. Green leafy vegetables help control the level of sugar in the blood, thanks to its containment of magnesium and vitamin K.
2.       Onion: Onion proved its ability to reduce sugar by 40%. Garlic: Works to reduce sugar by  swallowing it with water, or cooked with food
3.     Cinnamon: Increases the ability of cells to absorb sugar, and decrease in blood about 10%
4.       Fish: Sugar reduces weight and also reduces weight, thanks to its omega-3 content
5.     Milk Products: With vitamin D, calcium and magnesium, milk and dairy products help reduce blood sugar, but not cheese, they contain lots of fat
6.     Oatmeal: Oat contains a lot of fiber, and can reduce the sugar by 30%
7.      Legumes: Legumes give a feeling of fullness, rich in fiber, which makes it taken periodically to reduce sugar significantly
8.     Wheat germ: Vitamin B and vitamin E in the wheat germ, reduce blood sugar levels.
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