10 tips for diabetics before exercising

note : When you exercise, your body needs a higher energy level, and it gets it from blood sugar which means (glucose). When you do something like running quickly, the liver and muscles release more energy to meet the needs of your body during that activity.

Also, exercising lightly in a longer period of time, such as walking for a long distance, the muscles consume more glucose, and thus the blood sugar level decreases, but if you do intense exercises in a short period, the rate of sugar will rise in the blood for a temporary period after having You finish the exercise, and there are things that should know when exercising for people with diabetes.

1- The level of sugar in the blood :
Before you start exercising, you must be careful to measure blood sugar, as well as during and after the training period, in order to be able to realize how the body responds to these exercises, and in general the sugar level from 100 to 250 is considered a good and safe level for exercise.

2- Cardio exercises :
Diabetics can do the same exercises that healthy people do, but it is important to start with a slight level and then increase its intensity gradually, especially for beginners, whoever suffers from the first type of diabetes can play 20-30 minutes per session, but for those with the second type, he can play about 30-60 minutes per session, and it's going to be better if consult a doctor about the appropriate time when you can exercise.

3- Strength exercises :
Strength exercises accelerate fat burning and enhance the body's response to insulin, and it is best to repeat the exercise 12-20 times, two or three times a week.

4- Do not exercise alone :
Be sure to perform exercises in front of the public or at least with someone who knows that you have diabetes, and knows how to deal with you if your blood sugar level drops, and it is also appropriate to carry an identification card stating that you have diabetes and any kind of it and the medicines you take in order to get health care Suitable in the event of an emergency.

Finliy tha last thing we advise you to do is to make sport a habit; Simply put, exercise and eat your food and medication at one time and steady every day, to avoid low blood sugar.

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