How to prevent diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects a person's life,Recently, it has been observed that the incidence of infection is increasing because of the rapid and lazy lifestyle and lack of information that people carry.
Diabetes :
Diabetes is an increase in blood sugar Due to the inability of glucose to move to cells For some reason we will come to mention later To supply it with the energy it needs and thus increase its rate in the blood,The hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar is insulinAny imbalance in its production causes diabetes.
Diabetes results in many serious complications such as Wound healing   and burns healing delay. It is always advised to get diabetics as far away as possible from different injuries because the process of delayed wound healing may cause gangrene And can lead to cutting off the injured organ. Diabetes also affects nerves and eye causing injury with retinal degeneration.
Types of diabetes :
Diabetes is divided into three types :
Type I : It is caused by the lack of insulin or  its low quantity. You can not regulate blood sugar, The organ responsible for the production of insulin is the pancreas.
Type II : It is caused by the inability of insulin to regulate blood sugar And transfer it to the cells in the form of glucose.
Type III : It is the pregnancy diabetes that affects some pregnant women in some cases, It is rare. 

Causes of Diabetes :
- Genetic factors have a significant role in the rate of getting diabetes  , the more people in the family having diabetes, the higherthe riskof gettingthe diseas. 
- Weight gain and obesity helps to weaken the pancreatic function, As well as eating large amounts of meals that contain a lot of fat and a large proportion of sugars are some of the most important risk factors of diabetes.
- Lack of exercise and lack of movement.
- Smoking.

Prevention Of Diabetes:
- Eat healthy food rich in vegetables and fruits.
- Stay away from takeaway and fatty meals high in calories and fat. Eating high-sugar sweets should be minimized.
- Leave smoking and stay away from places where smokers gather for not inhaling the smell of harmful smoke.
- Try to relax and stay away from excess stress.
- Exercise to stimulate blood circulation on the one hand, and on the other to get rid of excess weight and obesity And fat burning .

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