Benifits You never Knew About Cinnamon For Diabetics

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases around the world. The percentage of adults with diabetes is about 25% of the world's population. This disease is a part of the metabolic syndrome which consists of high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high fat Triglycerides and cholesterol, which is of low density. There are two types of diabetes, the first type: diabetes type (l) , which occurs before the age of thirty and is the result of attacking of the immune system to the pancreas, which leads to damage of cells and inability to produce insulin, thus it occurs  as a result of lack of insulin hormone and noteworthy Insulin is the hormone responsible for lowering blood sugar. The prevalence of this type is between 5-10%. 
Type II:  most prevalent where the prevalence rate between 90 - 95% and it occis in people who are 40 years and above and the disease is due to the inability of insulin to perform its function as a result of resistance of the body cells to insulin , and this leads to the secretion of excess amounts of insulin and Within a long period of about 8-10 years, this will lead to pancreatic failure. 
Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a bark of a brown-colored tree that is either used as chopsticks or grinded and it may also be used as a grated cinnamon.
Cinnamon and Diabetes Treatment:
Cinnamon has been proven to be effective in controlling blood sugar levels and regulating the insulin hormone. Scientists have analyzed the substances inside cinnamon and found that there is an active substance in cinnamon that activates cells which have stopped responding to insulin.
How to use cinnamon for diabetics:
- Diabetic patients can use cinnamon in their daily diet they can boil cinnamon sticks with hot water and leave the soaked cinnamon for ten minutes and then drink it . 
- Crushed cinnamon can also be added to coffee or tea and sprinkled on a cup of tea or coffee.
- Cinnamon can be sprinkled with breakfast cereals. 
- Cinnamon can also be added as a flavor to food as it is characterized by its distinctive flavor and flavor.

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