What a diabetic eats

Diabetes Diabetes is defined as an increase in blood sugar levels due to several reasons. Diabetes is divided into two types. In the first type of diabetes, the immune system attacks and destroys cells responsible for insulin secretion in the pancreas. Because of the low level of insulin in the blood and therefore the high level of sugar in it, while the second type of diabetes occurs as a result of several factors, including: genetic factors, weight and lack of movement, and the frequent eating sugars, and aging, affecting the work of the pancreas, and low level of insulin Septum in the blood. Diabetic Diet To control the level of sugar in a diabetic it is necessary to know the quality of foods allowed to be taken and not allowed to eat, to avoid the incidence of many complications, which we will inform you in this article. What diabetics eat foods rich in healthy carbohydrates, such as vegetables, legumes such as beans, fruits, and low-fat dairy products. Foods that are high in fiber, because they regulate the level of sugar in the blood, for example: fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulses, such as peas, lentils. Fish, where it is recommended to eat twice a week, such as tuna, meat, sardines and salmon, because it contains a low proportion of cholesterol, and saturated fat compared to other, instead of red meat, which contributes to the maintenance of heart health and reduce blood fat, Avoid eating fried fish, or fish with a high mercury content, such as swordfish.

 Foods high in unsaturated fats, such as: almonds, avocados, olives, and peanuts, which helps lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. Foods containing starches in medium quantities, such as rice. Foods should be avoided foods high in saturated fats and proteins, such as: sausage, beef and sausages, where it is recommended to eat 77% of calories from saturated fat daily. Foods high in trans fat, such as snacks, such as boiled fat, and baked products. Foods high in cholesterol, such as: liver, egg yolks, shellfish, etc., and is recommended to eat less than 3000 mg of cholesterol daily. Salicylic acid, rich in sodium, is recommended to consume 2.3,000 mg of sodium per day. General advice for diabetics Divide meals into small meals instead of eating a large amount of food in a meal. Avoid eating too much sweets. Eat enough water, equivalent to eight cups a day. Rely on roasting, roasting, and steam cooking when preparing foods. Avoid eating fried foods. Eat brown bread instead of white bread. Weight loss. Exercising daily for half an hour. Check your blood glucose level regularly and be sure to check your doctor regularly. Keep the medicine on time. quit smoking. Avoid the causes of tension and sadness.

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