Definition of Diabetes

Diabetes : is one of the most important diseases to be recognized and understood well, because this disease is widespread among people, in some cases it is genetically inherited, in other cases the cause usually environmental. A diabetic needs to be checked regularly by a specialist for his or her health.
The general mechanism of this disease is  either a decrease in the secretion of insulin hormone, which is responsible for the regulation of blood sugar, and the pancreas is considered the main organ responsible for this task, so , any change in the pancreas affecting the secretion of insulin, will lead to increase in the blood sugar,and thus the symptoms of diabetes appear. It is possible to detect diabetics through tests and advanced analysis, which is based mainly on blood tests, to indicate the sugar in it.
 The Arabic scientist Ibn Sina is the first finder of this disease.

Diabetics may also be susceptible to nerve and blood vessel dysfunction.

 The idea that diabetes is caused by food that contains large amounts of sugar is a misconception. There are many risk factors, including an increase in growth hormone secretion or psychological factors Such as anxiety, fear, and other mental disorders.
One of the most important things that should be discussed when talking about diabetes is the sugar coma, which is one of the most dangerous things to the diabetic patient, It’s due to a large shortage of blood sugar, and the symptoms may start in the form of sweating , There may also  be a state of tremors or paralysis, in addition to the occurrence of convulsions in the body, and this case if not controlled by a competent doctor may lead to death.

 How can diabetes be Managed ?

The Management of Diabetes requires a lot of attention by the specialist, as the treatment is by life style modification , and the patient may also need to be given insulin injections or tablets.
Modern technologies have become able to cultivate the pancreas in the body, which performs the same functions performed by the real pancreas, by pumping he amount of insulin required by the body.
 There are mild  cases of diabetes, and most of them are asymptomatic, but here are other cases that need attention, and we need to pay more attentions that may affect your health as you grow up , like diabetes mellitus.
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